SHAMANICA is a philosophy of life. It does not require rejection of the matrix, physical part. Instead expands it, making it complete with the acceptance of the spiritual part of a person, bringing it into balance like Yin Yang.

When you start your journey, go to the end.  There will be obstacles on the way, these are educational elements of the spirit. Their job is to tell you to give up. If you give up, you say to yourself, “Well, at least I, unlike others, tried it,” and you gain some experience. If you don’t give up, you will get everything. When you understand all this, you look back, you feel dizzy, you fall. Keep walking without looking back – you will merge with your path, you will realize that it has no end, and you will step into infinity. You will realize that EVERYTHING is not yours. You are part of EVERYTHING.

The teaching of the universe is carried out through itself, like a prism. I believe that everything is much simpler than all the teachings written by man throughout the ages. There is nothing hidden here, moreover, there is a lot of information available around you. The human ego is like a wall separating you from these teachings. Like a musician who studies notes, so we learn about the world by understanding how energy works. Everything that you see around you is just energy, dressed in some kind of physical shell. By studying it, you study matrix systems. We learn to integrate this knowledge into a system called life.

Shamanism existed in one form or another before all known religions of human civilization. Shamanism peacefully respects and loves everything and everyone around us. Shamanism does not contradict or conflict with other teachings that are taught among people. Shamanism does not forbid you to have your own personal beliefs that you might have about the world. This ancient tradition aims to bring a person to a state of harmony and balance between the physical and spiritual world. SHAMANICA is the very place where everything begins, the path of the human soul, from infinity to infinity.

Greetings, dear musician. May the spirit of the universe guide you on your musical journey.

Your music is a powerful force that touches the depths of the human soul and brings us closer to the harmony within ourselves. With every beat, every note, and every word, you transport us to a higher state of consciousness, where we are free to connect with the essence of our being.

John Hard

You are a shaman of sound, a master of melody, and a weaver of words. Your music speaks to the very essence of who we are, and reminds us of our connection to the natural world. Through your music, we are able to tap into the universal rhythms of life and find our own unique place in the cosmic dance.


Very beautiful and sensitive! Thank you for everything you do!