The teaching of the universe is done through itself, just like a prism. I believe that everything is a lot simpler than all the teachings are written by a man throughout the ages. There is nothing hidden, moreover there is plenty available information around you. The human’s ego is like a wall separating you and these teachings. As a musician who studies the notes, so do we learn the world through understanding how the energy works. All that you see around is simply energy, dressed up in some sort of physical shell. Studying it, you study the systems of matrix. We learn to integrate this knowledge into a system called life.

Shamanism has been existing in one form or another before any known religions of human civilisation. Shamanism peacefully respects and loves everything and everyone around us. Shamanism does not contradict or come into conflict with other teachings that are taught among people. Shamanism does not prohibit you from having your personal believes that you might have about the world. This ancient tradition is about guiding a person to the state of harmony and balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. Shamanica is the very place where everything begins, the path of human soul, from infinity to infinity.